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Mideer toys strive to offer educational toys for children aged 2-8. From puzzles and building blocks to art supplies and role-play sets, Mideer puzzle toys are designed to engage young minds and encourage exploration. Trusted by parents and educators worldwide, Mideer puzzle toys offer a perfect balance of fun and learning, making them an ideal choice for children's playtime and development.

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Image of Mideer most valuable 10 in 1 Carrom Board Game, all age groups can get fun from it

10 In 1 Carrom Board Game

3D Pop Up Paper Bouquet

3D Pop Up Paper Bouquet

Mideer Backpack Water Gun: Crab
Mideer Water Gun: Octopus
Mideer Drawing Coloring Book Blue

Drawing Coloring Book Blue

Mideer Drawing Coloring Book Pink

Drawing Coloring Book Pink


About Mideer Toys

Mideer believes that the true worth of toys lies not solely in their physical presence but in their ability to introduce children to the beauty of the world. Therefore, Mideer places children's development at the forefront, integrating the eight intelligences of child growth to shape its entire product line. Each product undergoes collaborative development with designers, artists, and education experts, ensuring a seamless integration of early childhood education and visual arts design. The result is toys that combine aesthetics and educational value, promoting children's learning and growth while also offering visual appeal. This approach allows children to subtly experience the influence of beauty while enhancing their multiple intelligences.

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