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Independent Big Eyes - Every Kid Is A Demon | Devil Wing focuses on children's bags and accessories as its core product, creating unique and quirky products for children with distinctive personalities. Whether for school, daycare, or outings, Devil Wing backpacks and accessories are versatile enough to accompany kids on all their adventures.

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Devil Wing Book Pouch, Library Bag: Gufi

Kids Book Tote Bag: Gufi

Devil Wing Kids Bucket Hat: Navy

Kids Bucket Sun Hat: Navy

Devil Wing Kids Lunch Bag: Burton

Kids Insulated Lunch Bag: Burton

Devil Wing Kids Lunch Bag: Grape

Kids Insulated Lunch Bag: Grape

Devil Wing Kids Lunch Bag: Puddy

Kids Insulated Lunch Bag: Puddy

Devil Wing Kids Sun Visor Hat: Puddy

About Devil Wing

Devil Wing is committed to fostering children's innate creativity and imagination through innovative designs, encouraging them to perceive the world from unique perspectives. Devil Wing aims to cultivate in children traits of gratitude, optimism, courage, independence, and confidence as they grow. With "Independent Big Eyes" as their brand core, combined with exaggerated appearance designs, personalized color combinations, safe and healthy material choices, and high-quality production processes, Devil Wing stands out in both culture and form, creating a distinct market differentiation from other brands. Learn More About Devil Wing Family

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