Welcome to Devil Wing Family

  • By Hey Kids
  • Feb 14

Devil Wing is a brand characterized by creative cartoon characters, aiming to bring joy and delight to children. Main products include children's backpacks and accessories, such as pencil cases, lunch bags, umbrellas, and book bags. These products are inspired by the cartoon characters of the Devil Wing family,  from the mischievous Devil Wing to the spirited Puddy, the cool Gufi, the adventurous Burton, the sweet Raina, and the magical Grape, each with its unique characteristics and charm.

Devil Wing committed to providing children with high-quality, safe, and fun products, allowing them to experience unlimited possibilities of joy and creativity while playing. Whether for everyday use or as gifts for children, Devil Wing products bring happiness and surprises.

With Devil Wing, every day is a new opportunity for discovery and imagination. Join us as we journey into a world where laughter and excitement abound, and where every child can embrace their inner adventurer. Explore our collection today and let the magic of Devil Wing inspire your little one's imagination!

Devil Wing

Introducing Devil Wing, the enigmatic and curious creature from the depths of imagination! With an elusive nature and a penchant for mischief, Devil Wing is a shape-shifter who roams the human world, exploring its wonders with boundless curiosity.

Mysterious and ever-changing, Devil Wing captivates with its ability to transform colors and shapes at will, adding an element of surprise to every encounter. Its love for exploration knows no bounds, as it delves into the mysteries of the earth with a mischievous gleam in its eye.

Represented by symbols of lightning and stars, Devil Wing embodies the energy and magic of the cosmos. With its playful spirit and insatiable curiosity, Devil Wing invites you to join in its adventures and discover the wonders of the world anew.


Meet Gufi, the cool and mysterious creature of the Devil Wing Family! With an aura of aloofness and a love for all things cool, Gufi brings a unique charm to the group.

As a lover of sports and graffiti, Gufi embraces the thrill of adventure and the excitement of creativity. Always up for a challenge, Gufi's playful spirit and laid-back attitude make every moment an adventure.

Represented by lightning, flame helmets, and rockets, Gufi embodies the energy of excitement and the thrill of discovery. Whether exploring the urban landscape or mastering the art of graffiti, Gufi invites you to join in the fun and embrace your inner cool.


Meet Burton, the adventurous explorer of the Devil Wing Family! As a brave bear with a passion for the great outdoors, Burton embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery.

With his extensive knowledge of plants and animals, Burton is always ready to embark on exciting journeys and explore new territories. Whether trekking through the jungle or scaling mountains, Burton's adventurous spirit knows no bounds.

Represented by symbols such as tents, cameras, and hiking bags, Burton inspires others to embrace the wonders of nature and seek out new experiences. Join Burton on his next expedition and let the thrill of adventure awaken your sense of wonder!


Meet Puddy, the lively and optimistic member of the Devil Wing Family! As a human little girl with boundless energy, Puddy brings joy and excitement wherever she goes.

With her cheerful personality and love for parties, Puddy is the life of any gathering. Wherever there's music and laughter, you can be sure to find Puddy in the midst of the fun, spreading happiness with her infectious enthusiasm.

Represented by symbols like lightning and stars, Puddy embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration. Whether she's chasing rainbows or dancing in the moonlight, Puddy's zest for life is truly contagious.

Join Puddy on her next adventure and let her playful spirit inspire you to embrace the magic of childhood and cherish every moment of joy and laughter!


Meet Raina, the sweet and gentle member of the Devil Wing Family! As a charming rabbit with a heart as pure as the sky, Raina brings a sense of tranquility and wonder to the group.

With her delicate nature and belief in fairy tales, Raina embodies the innocence and beauty of childhood. She finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, from knitting cozy scarves to baking delicious cakes.

Represented by symbols like buttons, cakes, and pins, Raina's world is filled with warmth and creativity. Whether she's exploring the forest or gazing at the stars, Raina's appreciation for nature and magic knows no bounds.

Join Raina on her whimsical adventures and let her gentle spirit remind you of the beauty that surrounds us every day. With Raina by your side, every moment becomes a fairy tale waiting to be discovered!


Introducing Grape, the enigmatic magician of the Devil Wing Family! With a mysterious allure and a touch of mystique, Grape captivates with her moonlit magic and her ability to weave dreams.

As a skilled magician, Grape wields the power of the moon, crafting enchanting dreams for sleepers and conversing with the feline companions of the night. She embodies the essence of the night sky, with her affinity for divination, magic, and the company of black cats.

Symbolized by amethyst, cats, and the moon, Grape's world is one of intrigue and wonder. Whether she's casting spells or unraveling mysteries, Grape's presence adds an air of mysticism to the Devil Wing Family.

Join Grape on her mesmerizing adventures and unlock the secrets of the night with this enchanting magician. With Grape by your side, prepare to embark on a journey into the realm of dreams and magic!